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Brighten up each of your dimming skin cells

Cellonskin Cosmetics
  • Cellonskin is a "premium human stem cell conditioned media cosmetics" brand  developed by the "Diet Medical Group",    the leading company of Korea's beauty industry.


  • Cellonskin (Cell On Skin) means using the stem cell effect to  "Brighten up each of your dimming skin cells".

diet Medical Group
  • diet Medical Group is a advanced  medical group that leads Korea's  industry.

  • dièt Clinic, specializing in skin, obesity treatment and plastic surgery With 29 years of experience

       dièt Clinic is a professional clinic with unique know-how and 29 years of experience in surgical

       procedures, and has been leading Korea's beauty industry in skin and obesity treatment and plastic surgery.

         - It is a professional beauty clinic which holds a network of 14 domestic & 5 international branches

            (Shanghai /Jinan /Kunming of China, Singapore, Vietnam and etc).

         - With more than 15,000 cases of surgical experience in liposculpture and K/H

         - Esthetic Total Care

  • "EHL Bio" is a professional stem cell research company established by the "Dièt Medical Group". It is a "professional stem cell biotech business" with the purpose of pursuing long-lasting young and healthy life by using human-origin stem cells for disease treatments and anti-aging effects.

  • ‘DEOKU', in charge of Stem Cell Conditioned Media cosmetics sales and diet Beauty Academy.


          - Cellonskin Stem Cell Conditioned Media Cosmetics

          - Stem Cell Conditioned Media Ingredients Sales

          - diet Beauty Academy (Semi-permanent makeup Academy, Medical Skincare Academy)

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Semi-permanent makeup Academy
Stem Cell Conditioned Media Cosmetics
Medical Skincare Academy
Skin·Plastic surgery
Treatment using stem cells
Obesity Treatment
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