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Brighten up each of your dimming skin cells

Main Product

Secret Snow

  • A magical recipe that whitens the skin and restore its firmness

  • Dual-functioning formula with concentrated serum containing a stem

       cell culture medium and vitamin complex powder

       (whitening + anti-wrinkles)

  • The human stem cell conditioned media will restore skin firmness and

       make it appear snowy white.

  • How to Use

        1) After cleansing, use cosmetic water (e.g. toner) to clean and refresh

            the skin.  Apply a couple of drops of Cellonskin White Lifting Serum

            and spread evenly over the face.

        2) Massage Cellonskin White Lifting Serum into the skin. Spray a

            moderate amount of Cellonskin White Lifting Powder and gently

            massage into the skin. You can achieve the same effects by mixing

            Cellonskin White Lifting Serum and Powder.

1.secret snow

Stamping Secret

  • After the micro-needles that are thinner than human hair stamp your

       skin, the highly-enriched Cell On Skin Mask gives ample nourish-

       ment to your skin.

  • When you stamp your skin with Cell On Skin Stamp, the micro-needles

        will stimulate the fibroblast to create collagen and the valuable

        substances will be absorbed through the micro-holes into the inner

        layer of your skin, which causes a regenerating effect.

  • How to Use

       If you scan the QR code in front of the Stamping Mask box by using a

       scanner application in your smart phone, you can watch how to use

       video of the stamping mask.

       (Korean / Chinese / English/ Vietnamese)

      Step 1) Stamping facial skin with Cellonkin Stamp

      Step 2) Give ample nourishment with the highly-enriched Cellonskin


2.stamping secret

Revital Mask Plus

  • Deluxe Facial Mask added with premium dual-functioning components

       and human stem cell conditioned media (Skin-whitening, anti-wrinkle)

  • Highly recommended for those who are fed up with ineffective, cheap

       facial masks

  • The leading mask for popularizing the stem cell conditioned media

       cosmetics with incomparable quality and price                                     

  • Effect of use

       1) Skin whitening : 'Niacinamide' known as a vitamin PP and water-

            soluble vitamin B3 is an essential element in our body  and is

            contained in green vegetables, cereals and others. Also, it is a

            typical whitening ingredient that is helpful to cultivating a clean

            and clear skin.

       2) Wrinkles Improvement : "Adenosine" which is the protein ingredient

            of amino acid types present in the cells of all living things recovers

            the skin cell viability by activating the synthesis of the DNA and

            protein in the skin dermis and improves the skin elasticity by

             promoting the collagen synthesis.

      3) Stem cell conditioned media : The Cellonskin stem cell conditioned

           media ingredients contained in the 'Revital Mask Plus' will newly

           transform your skin.

3.revital mask plus

Stem cell conditioned media cosmetics

  • Product Composition : Ampoule (5 EA), Day Radience Serum (1EA),

       Night  Rejuve Serum (1EA), Revital Mask Plus(2Box)

       1) Ampoule  (Stem cell conditioned media 97%)

           The undiluted stem cell conditioneds media and ingredients of

           skin whitening, anti-wrinkle and elasticity nourish the weary and

           stimulated skin. The high

           content of Hyaluronic Acidingredient delivers  the moisture deep

           into the skin. Thus, you can maintain moist and glossy skin.

      2) Day Radience Serum (Stem cell conditioned media 35%)

          Day Radience Serum to maintain healthy skin by protecting up to

          pores from external factors. It protects your skin from various

          stimulations during the day

          and makes your skin more moist and smooth by supplying nutrition

          and moisture.

      3) Night Rejuve Serum (Stem cell conditioned media 35%)

          Night Rejuve Serum that revitalizes your skin from deep inside

          During the night, it keeps the skin elastic and clear without troubles

          by forming a moisture layer through intensive moisturizing.

          Feel the skin elasticity of 10 years ago, again.

      4) Revital Mask Plus

          Deluxe Facial Mask added with premium dual-functioning

          components and human stem cell conditioned media

         (Skin-whitening, anti-wrinkle)


Cellonskin Stamp

  • Cellonskin Stamp is a beauty equipment that helps the active components

       of the cosmetics to be effectively absorbed through the inner skin by

       stimulating the facial skin.


  • It improves the skin absorption rate of drugs through a micro-
    channel by stimulating the skin using large number of fine needles
    (0.25mm). (0.25mm micro-channels of the stratum corneum)

  • Most effective when used with Cellonskin Facial Mask

  • The Effectiveness of the Stamp

       - Penetration of the cosmetic active ingredient through micro holes
       - Micro-needle leaves holes in the skin, leading the skin to self-

         Regenerate and minimize the pores.
       - Help absorb the valuable medical substances through the micro-hole

         to the inner skin.
       - Increasing skin elasticity and decreasing sebum secretion to remove

         the dead skin in the pores, vitalizing skin circulation that results in

             healthy pores.

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